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A crawl space is usually the least pleasant place you would care to find yourself in. Crawl spaces are usually dark and dirty and are often a home to critters of various sizes, some of which can be quite nasty. A crawl space can also be humid, a breeding ground for mold, including wood-eating mold.

A potential mold problem, or a problem already in the making, can quickly be resolved when Sick Building Group’s experts are called upon to seal off and encapsulate the crawl space. Sick Building Group is, in fact, the place you want to contact for crawl space encapsulation in Kennesaw, GA.

A closed crawl space is a much safer and healthier crawl space. It can do a great deal to protect a building from an infestation of mold, dry rot, and animals you do not wish to share the building with. There are normally several steps we take to encapsulate a crawl space, even though one crawl space may be significantly different from the rest.

The first thing is to cover the ground with heavy vinyl vapor barriers. We do this even if the ground appears to be dry, since there is no guarantee it will always be that way; moisture can penetrate concrete, especially concrete blocks. We also will seal any cracks with silicone and apply a silicone bead along the borders of the vapor barrier to keep the moisture (and the mold) out.

You will find crawl space encapsulation relatively inexpensive, since we are usually able to perform the task quickly, and having it done can potentially save you a great deal of worry and expense down the road.

Get in touch with us today, and we will perform an inspection of your crawl space and give you our recommendations. We offer free inspections.

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