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Both homeowners and businesses look to Sick Building Group for water damage restoration in Kennesaw, GA because they know how critical a prompt response can be to keep damage to a minimum. Sick Building group is well positioned to provide this type of emergency service. By responding quickly, we are often able to keep damage to a minimum and reduce the overall cost of restoration and repair.

The first step in any type of restoration service is a quick, but thorough inspection of the situation, followed by water extraction. The equipment we use extracts standing water quickly, and it will also detect hidden water and moisture, which if not promptly addressed, will not only add to restoration costs, but can also encourage the growth of mold as well. When you place your trust is us, you will not have to call on us again in a few days or weeks because of a mold problem that has suddenly reappeared.

Once water has been extracted and removed, the next step we perform is drying and dehumidification. This not only applies to obvious things like carpeting, but can also involve entire rooms. Drywall and wood can retain significant amounts of moisture, which could become a problem later, and we want to keep that from happening. Once drying and dehumidification has been completed, we follow up with cleaning, sanitizing, and repair.

Quick response and quick action is the key, and we have the personnel and equipment to respond appropriately. Our professional technicians work quickly and efficiently, and you can count on them to do an exceedingly thorough job of getting things back in order.

Make yourself a note to request our services should you ever experience a potentially damaging water situation.

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